#31. Ripe (inktober2019)




I’m going now. Thank you everyone.




a walk in the park

I took up my morning walk again except I get up earlier. It was cold and wet this time. Sometimes I think people sleep in their cars there. The same vehicles are always parked with someone sitting inside. It doesn’t matter what time of day I go, they’re there. I can feel them watching me as I go by. Like I’ve invaded their solitude. They have to recognize me by now. I see a lot of the same people who walk, also. Most just say hello and keep going. I’m fine with that, we’re just there to walk. There are two I talk with. The lady with the dogs is my favorite. She has two really old dogs. She feeds and takes care of the stray cats people drop off. Then there’s this younger girl. She always appears from nowhere in front of me. I’ve never seen her come into or leave the park. And we meet at almost the exact spot on the trail each time. She says she taking picture for her Facebook page. She looks well kept and healthy, so I don’t think she’s homeless. She’ll walk with me to my turn around spot and back but she’ll always stop on the trail where we’ve met up. She’ll stop talking then go about her business. The last time I walked a ways and looked back but she was no where in sight. In my mind I’ve named her the trail nymph.