still working on it – #98

I’m just trying to get into the motion and thoughts. There’s just lines then more lines. I only work on it before I go to bed. It’s kind of a new born meaning to it. This is practice for now. I’ll do a little more but not much. I’m almost borderline fucking it up.



I’m recording it for another video. It takes longer when I have my phone cam directly in front of my face. The recording, being so close to my face, picks up my breathing and lip chewing. It sounds like an ape eating pudding with a fork.





I was sketching out some ideas. Afterwards I decided to try and combine several of them. I referred back to a couple of old drawings and put everything together as one. Then it’s sat here for five days. I’ll stop by and stare at it daring to add or subtract, daring to start putting ink over the outlines. This got me to thinking, this is how I think about everything. Everything has to be planned and organized ahead of time. Nothing can be added or taken away without carefully thinking it out. Nothing can be thrown at me after this process and if there is, I stop. At work if there’s a meeting, which I hate, it’s rare that I attend. If I’m given too much notice I over think it and it becomes a huge problem. The thought of doing something out of my normal life flow just flips me out. Last minute changes to plans have the same affect. But anyway, this is my new project #96.





this new thing again

Back in high school my mom noticed I could draw. I think to keep me out of trouble she bought me a really nice artists set up. When I see the prices of this stuff now, I know it had to have been pretty expensive back then. I was smoking, drinking and just getting in trouble mostly from the boredom of a backwoods town. There was an easel, a large oil base paint selection, a couple of knives, and several stretched canvass’. Back then I had a really good imagination, unlike now. It was probably all the weed I use to smoke. I’m thinking this set up was a Christmas present, my mom’s last Christmas present to me. We were off school for break then too. This gave me time to paint. The first one I painted was a cobra like snake. One of my first watercolor paintings on here was a recreation of that seen HERE. My next was a clock. I worked on this a long time trying to make wood grain in the paint and making the glass lens having a reflective shine. Back then it was like I never had to think things out, they just happened. I’m not sure why I chose a swinging pendulum or I might have changed it from something else. It was the best part of the clock. For no reason the next day I scraped off the paint and put a skull on the end. The time I had painted was 10:35. I kept this painting wrapped up and hidden. This was the time my mom died just a few months later. Life went on and through out the years this painting was misplaced.  A lot of my old artwork was thrown out never knowing I would ever do it again. It had no worth to me, it was junk I had been hauling around for years. But that painting was always kept guarded and safe. At least I thought it was.

So now I’m doing a new one. I take too long to do things on paper now. Probably because I over think everything. The clock I had started a few months ago, seen HERE. It got put on hold for some reason. I finished the clock face finally but it didn’t look finished. After staring at it for three weeks I thought I would somehow recreate my original clock from 1979.


The problem is I started in the center of the page. This gives me no room for a pendulum. I don’t want to start a new one because I was really unaware how much detail there was even in a simple clock face. Dividing up a circle in 60 even pieces took a little math and some thought. My idea was to put two skulls side by side facing away from each other as a base for the clock. But after a while I figured out I sucked at drawing a quick skull. Two days later and some Youtube classes I came out with my first facing straight ahead which wasn’t what I was after. I had no idea this was as difficult as a clock face either. I fixed it up with my pencils that I’ll be using a lot more of and here’s my first skull in 39 years. (I think)



new thing

They changed my appointment date for the third time and told me to stop taking pain meds because they thin my blood. But it’s o.k. to keep taking Gabapentin which makes me a blathering pissy idiot. I even got pissy with my brother who is the only person I even talk to. Sorry Brutha, it’s not me! You know I’m not like this. My FMLA runs out soon and I’m really surprised I’m still getting full pay from my job. They’ve been really cool about everything so far. I must be a good employee. Either that or I’m the only one who’ll put up with a bunch of old angry people’s shit every day.




The last couple of days I’ve been able to sit longer than usual. I have all this time on my hands and staring at my ceiling and sleeping has gotten old. When I get an idea to draw something it’s like I have to do it. Who would have thought a simple clock face was going to be a difficult process. This took me almost three days. This will be my next project but seeing how I can’t think like I use to it might take a while to finish.



new project – #86

It was a rare few days that I could sit at my drawing table and think clearly. I gave it everything I had because I knew it wouldn’t last long. This is an accumulation from old drawings combined into one. It made it much easier to look back at drawings I kind of liked and work from there. There’s no instructions how  to do things so I had to recreate everything from scratch. This took about 5 days to come up with and a lot of erasing.




The braid is the only big element I have left to add with ink. I’m really hoping I can do this without any mistakes. It might take a few days until I’m ready to attempt this. It would suck to get this far and think I could add something and completely fck it up, which I’m really good at.

new stuff and a story

All this year I’ve either been sick or injured. Luckily I have great Obamacare I pay for. I like to call it Obamacare just to piss off the dillweed’s. My $130 a month health/dental insurance has covered far more than what I’ve paid into it. One experimental injection I take that replaces Plavix is $1300 a month. It’s 100% covered, I pay nothing. So I didn’t mind paying $500 to have 5 non-cancerous skin tags removed. They looked freaky, I’m glad they’re gone.

BUD-AN-KNEE-WAY, I’m off work for my knee. It swelled to the size of a softball. I had to go to Urgent-Care because my doctor said he couldn’t get me in for a few weeks.IMG_20170731_102841 The anti-inflammatory and pain meds work until they wore off, so I switched doctors and she’s getting me in Thursday. I can’t walk or it swells up and now I’m bored out of my mind so I went to Amazon to find something to do. The first thing I saw were the colored pencils. Prismacolors are suppose to be the top of the line and expensive as hell. A 24 pack for $8 seemed reasonable, even crayola 24 pack is $8. That wasn’t enough, I hate to order one little thing and remembered at one time I needed a white pen to go over black. After Youtubing to find information about something I know nothing about the Sakura White Jelly Roll pens were what I needed. Three at $5 was kind of expensive though. While I was on Youtube I came across SuperRaeDizzle. She explained things so simple even I could follow along. A lot of the videos I tried to learn from were far too advanced or kind of idiotic. But Rae’s video’s showed me a few easy techniques on shadowing by using tortillons, or rolled up paper sticks. Every time I added something to my cart the Tan Tone paper showed up so I threw that in. I didn’t really look at the description, it’s only like 6.5″x5″ and isn’t perforated.


This should keep me occupied for a while. Now if I can just think up ideas, that’s the hard part.



new stuff

I’m terrible with colors, but lately Amazon has had several deals I jumped on thanks to the Facebook groups I follow. One was gel pens. A 70 piece set was $10. When I went to check out, coloring books showed up. I need to learn color palates and I’m not familiar with coloring book artists or what I should look for, so the simple ones that were cheap inexpensive are good enough for now.




The colored pencils I jumped on only because I had an $19 credit, these pencils were $25 on sale or I would never have bought them. So $6 was a good price. The only thing I know about colored pencils are hard and soft leads. Now if they sold ideas I’d be set…