sketchbook #7



I took the picture and edited it on my new phone. I accidentally stepped on my old one. I didn’t want to spend too much because most manufacturers quit updating them after a year or so. Asus is one of the worst about updating anything. What I was looking for was something with better specs than my old camera and video cam. The video on this has 1080p with that I purchased PowerDirector Video Editor with the credit I earned from answering questions in Google Opinion Rewards . I played around with several camera apps and figured the stock Moto G camera was pretty good. I obtained Photo Studio Pro  for free in the Android app AppSales  but Googles Snapseed is pretty good for what I need. They hid the resizing option, I don’t know why they’d hide something like that. I have a really powerful desktop computer I built last year but I’m finding this phone can do almost as much photo/video editing, up and downloading and practically everything else I need it to do for my drawing hobby. I’ve even installed a 120gb micro flash drive for more storage. So I got the idea to make videos of my drawings in progress for a Youtube Channel. I found a two piece phone mount on Amazon. One piece is a 13″ goose neck that clamps the phone in place for overhead shots and there’s a dash mount I thought I’d mount to my desk for side angles. I don’t know, it’s just an idea and something else I can do. If it sucks at least I’m not out of a lot of money.