my friend

I haven’t seen my friend AshiAkira for a while. I hope all is well.




my pile

In the last week or so I’ve had several conversations about what we do with our art piles, one here the other here. Some get thrown away as seen here and here. I don’t think much of my drawings, they’re only to practice or learn from. I just throw everything I’ve ever done so far in two Amazon boxes I keep in a plastic crate on my shelf. I can’t even remember ever looking back at them for reference. Now that I’m thinking about it, I never did finish the alphabet I started on. But here’s my pile, at least it’s neatly stacked and possibly in the same order as completed.


The picture is at a bad angle, it’s really deeper than it looks. It’s about 10″ deep in the boxes.


My pictures are too big for the scanner window by about 1/4″, so it takes several scans to get it squared right. It also bleaches out all the colors. I use to fix everything. Usually resize, crop, soften (with colors) or gaussien blur (with black and white) then layer it with the original and sharpen it to finish. Here is a photo of the original before scanning. They look a lot different in real life. They even look better if I could hold the camera still.


Comment #1

I can’t see up close well enough to do what I want. My vision has gotten worse with age. What’s in my mind won’t come out of my hand. If it does, I can’t see it. Trying another medium is an idea. Something on a larger scale. There are several drawings I’ve done but none are good enough to display. Being too hard on myself has always been my worst fault.