project – Z



on March 9th, 2016 I started the alphabet because I have no original ideas of my own. Finally I’m getting to the letter Z a year and a half later.

I was hoping to pick up a technique and acquire a few skills. Kind of not really sure what happened other than I go really slow now.







this was going to be pitched, I tried to fix things but figured I would keep going just to see what comes out of it. There’s metallic marker, black ink and colored pencils. The only part that was originally going to have a color are the bubbles. That obviously didn’t happen. This just looks dirty and unappealing but I’ll post the mistakes along with everything else.





the past



My father built this 1932 T Bucket in the 70’s and completed it in 1980. I drove it in a few parades and remember it being very hard to stop because it only had drum brakes in the rear with no front brakes at all. A lot of the parts were hand made in the machine shop he worked at. I always thought he finished it to keep his mind off our mother who passed away that spring. But then I also thought he sold it to let go of the memories of her. For $5,000 someone got a great deal.