the clock

I got started on the clock last week. I Googled photos of clocks to try for accuracy or just to see if I knew what I was doing. Then I started coming across the mechanisms inside pocket watches and the gears inside. Then my idea turned to adding a gear to the drawing. I’ve never drawn a gear so I had to look up how to. Fuck that, there was too much math involved so I improvised and drew them off the mandala technique. Then I also noticed inside the mechanical gears were layers of them, so adding one gear turned into five. But then my skull was looking too small. This was redone and the lower jaw was added to fill in more space. I was erasing so much plus getting lost in the over lapping gear lay out that I had to use a fine line to keep track of everything. So here’s the beginning of the idea, I’m sure it will change.






note to self

Hilter started his political career in the early 20s as the 555th Nazi to officially register. He would gain attention for his ability to draw crowds and give impassioned speeches, by 1923 he was made the face of the party. He wrote Mein Kampf while in prison for a failed coup (“the putsch”), it was published in 1925. In these years the enemies were jews, communists, and the press – but policies of execution or imprisonment didn’t exist yet because the Nazi party had very little actual power. But even in the 20s, the Nazi rallies would include signs/pamphlets that said “Jews are not welcome”, the political focus was on demonizing leftists, and the growing theme of purity of the German people. enabling-act2

The economic focus was on blaming the weak political establishment for allowing Germany to be bent over the barrel in 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles (over 400 of the ~450 clauses of which were focused on punishing Germany in various ways), and blaming outsiders like immigrants and Jews for dragging down the economy and ruining “true” Germanic society. The violence early on was all about beating up communists and political dissidents – intimidation of challengers to the Nazi movement. After building a base of support throughout the 20s the Nazi party and Hitler would then focus on gaining true political power, gaining seats in the Reichstag culimnating with their capture of the majority in 1930. The next three years were filled with schemes and lobbying to get Hitler in the chancellor seat, and by 1933 he would have it.

636613604862980734-AP-TRUMP-TRADE-SOUTH-KOREA-98779967We are here: muslim ban, detention centers/internment camps, “down with the establishment” mentality, “law and order” police state, “fake news” the press is the enemy, nothing but “socialists” and “communists” on the left – no longer differing views to the left but enemies of freedom/America, and talks of “real America” and “real Americans” of the red states – if you don’t vote GOP and aren’t blue collar you aren’t pure. Academics, artists, and educated professionals dominating the coasts aren’t “real America”, certainly. Trump is openly admiring of dictators, and is beginning to speak like one – he idealizes and desires their ultimate executive power.

We’re a long way off from gas chambers, just as Hitler was 15 years off from them at this sort of juncture – but this is how it starts people. Complacency and letting this shit grow is how we go down a very dark road that won’t be easily undone. Hitler’s atrocities weren’t realized overnight, it was a very slow process that took literally 20 years before execution of Jews and other “undesirables” was a codified policy. We are the frog in the pot that is heating up – we need to nip this shit in the bud, do not let it spread, do not compromise, do not be afraid of calling out the risks of what it is.

Read “They Thought They Were Free” by Milton Mayer to understand how fascism spreads through complacency or selfish willful ignorance/inaction.

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