new project – #86

It was a rare few days that I could sit at my drawing table and think clearly. I gave it everything I had because I knew it wouldn’t last long. This is an accumulation from old drawings combined into one. It made it much easier to look back at drawings I kind of liked and work from there. There’s no instructions how¬† to do things so I had to recreate everything from scratch. This took about 5 days to come up with and a lot of erasing.




The braid is the only big element I have left to add with ink. I’m really hoping I can do this without any mistakes. It might take a few days until I’m ready to attempt this. It would suck to get this far and think I could add something and completely fck it up, which I’m really good at.




I’m trying to do simple quick drawings. It’s too painful to sit for any length of time at my drawing table. This still took three sittings to complete. I like when I can clearly think up a design and it comes out that way. This came out better possibly because I was more relaxed from medication and paid more attention to the over/under flow. This was done on a fairly small piece of paper, 6″x4″ and used a Micron .01 marker. That’s pretty tiny for me to see.







This is done with a blue ink pen. I’ve seen other people draw with them and liked how it looked. One thing I didn’t expect was how difficult it was. I couldn’t do dots like I do with the markers and found out cheep ink pens are just that, cheep. They either just stopped working or decide on their own if it wants to finish a line in that spot. I ended up finishing with a Blue Bic Jell Pen. Crosshatch was the only way I could easily finish this.




I don’t particularly like this, but considering it was the first blue ink pen drawing I’ve done, it will pass. I do like crosshatching, though. It’s not as time consuming as dotwork.