This was posted in January 2nd, 2018 but took it down.

It’s nowhere to be found in any of my folders or sketchpads.

I’ll keep looking but there’s not many places these are stored in.








king of hearts project

I actually had a few people at Deviant Art that were inspired by my playing card drawings and some have been pretty helpful with the idea. I’m trying color just to experiment. I read most cards have blue, yellow and red. So I get my pencils and paints out. I was kind of surprised my Prismacolor pencils didn’t work with this the way I wanted. Crayola was junk and I’m using Colore’ Colored Pencils. These weren’t cheap either. I only have two watercolor options and the tubes weren’t one of them this time.

These are just ideas/ experiments mostly with colors which I’m terrible with. This first one was done on the sketchpad using colored pencils underneath the dotwork.




The second one is watercolor and I have no idea how to use them properly. I’m just creating colored shadows to go under the dotwork which I’ll be adding later. I’m recording this one as a video so it will take more time plus I have to let it dry before moving on to the next step.




sketchbook #11 – queen of hearts



I think I might do that, make a deck of cards. I’d have to make things fit better. Like maybe on this make the heart the entire background with the queen centered inside it and have the Q in the standard card area or even where its at except over lapping the heart. I don’t know, my crazy meds are kicking in. I’ll think later. My playlist for this my favorite female J-Rock bands. I haven’t heard any good American rock since the 90’s.