#22 – couch sketch


Two things; I messed my numbers up and I had to use my last piece of paper.





#20 – couch sketch


I’m getting called in for interviews. More than I expected. I get responses to my resume within hours, sometime minutes. The only thing I can figure out is I look good on paper. When I show up for the meeting and they see me all the air leaves the room. The excitement they exhibited over the phone tones down to nothing more than a routine conversation. I lose interest in them just as fast. The questions are forced, the uncomfortable silence takes over. I’ve done this for 32 years and they know that I know they’re no longer interested. I’ve researched them before I came in just to get an idea who and what they are. They ask if I have any questions. I tell them I’ve looked them up and the work is all the same. I’m never asking for more than they want. The longest silence is at the end. Sometime we shake hands as they hold the door open for me to leave. If they don’t I won’t offer. Then the longest walk, back to my car. It feels like a perp walk. Then there’s the long quiet drive back home.





#15 – couch sketch



The doctor finally released me to go back to work on Friday. On Thursday I’m going through the Craigslist ads and ended up putting out three resume’s. By 4:00 Thursday I had two interviews set up for Friday afternoon. I must have an impressive work history. I’ve only been wearing shorts and sweatpants with loose shirts the last four months. After my Doctors visit I come back home to get ready for the interviews. I’ve gotten so fuckin’ fat my good clothes decided to shrink while they hung up in the closet. I barely got my pants to button, I knew there’s no way I could get a shirt tucked in. I dug out a pair of Wrangler Jeans I hardly ever wore, they had room to tuck my shirt in. That had to do. Now on top of trying to get re-employed I have to get back in shape.

So here’s a fish.



#14 – couch sketch




I’m watching the rain. Staying with the water theme I thought I’d try my first attempt at water in glass. Not just water in a glass but a straw in the water. And not only a straw in the water in the glass, I’m trying to shadow it too. I could have spent a little more time on it but I’m good at not knowing when to stop. So I stopped.



couch sketch – #11

I’m inexperienced to the marijuana culture. My last post I had to look up the basics so some weed aficionado wouldn’t correct me. Should of heard them when I called a hookah a bong. I might as well have been wearing black socks in gym class. On my way to becoming somewhat literate on the subject I came across the word “cannabinoid“. The first thing I thought of was a little buzzed alien creature. I was going to add more like a skateboard and a outer space background.


A Cannabinoid.




couch sketch – #10

I’m bored out of my mind. Two more weeks and I’ll be released to go back to work, except I’ll have to find a new job. But also with a doctors release I can collect unemployment benefits which I’m sure I’ll need. No one will hire an old guy with back and knee surgery. I figure after 33 years I can find something easier to do anyway. One thing I need to do is get back into shape. I had to stop walking for 10 days because my knee wasn’t heeling and I started back up yesterday with no cane and no need for pain meds afterwards. This was kind of like a test for retirement. And after working at a retirement center I can see why they’re the way they are. With nothing to do, it takes the life out of you. It makes you crazy for mental and physical stimulation or you just sleep and waste away. For ten days I only left my house once, I only talked to someone once. That was when I picked my food up at the grocery store. Good thing it was a kid I didn’t know who brought everything out or I’d have talked forever to him.


For some reason I have this thing about pot leaves. I don’t smoke anything, I can’t inhale or I’ll choke. Even candles make me cough. Also I don’t even know where to get it. I think I can still roll a doobie and choke on the papers. I’d rather have a pipe though. A small one, nothing fancy. I could make one. Dam, I’m really bored…



couch sketch – #5


I had to put a turn signal bulb in my Durango. Why TF do they make it so hard to change them now? And this was an easy one to get to. After that I cleaned up the inside a little bit and decided to take a drive on the country roads out here. And of course as soon as I get away from civilization someone still has to ride my ass. I waved them around twice an apparently they’re new to earth, so I just keep my pace of 50mph up.

I got further out into the county I grew up in. I saw the occasional new housing development in the middle of nowhere but I also saw what I was looking for. The farms and corn fields. That was a nice drive, I might do it again soon.