sketchbook #11 – queen of hearts



I think I might do that, make a deck of cards. I’d have to make things fit better. Like maybe on this make the heart the entire background with the queen centered inside it and have the Q in the standard card area or even where its at except over lapping the heart. I don’t know, my crazy meds are kicking in. I’ll think later. My playlist for this my favorite female J-Rock bands. I haven’t heard any good American rock since the 90’s.







Practicing with pencils.

Technique and experience seems to be the main thing. I’ve made a big mess from constantly smearing the graphite. What I’ve found to be great tools are blending stumps and the eraser pencil also good quality pencils. The better pencils have harder wood keeping the core from breaking and a quality sharpener helps too. I can see how buying really cheap supplies could put some people off and lose interest. But here’s my 6th pencil drawing focusing mostly on controlling and technique. Trying to be neat and not smearing everything will be the next step.