new project – #86

It was a rare few days that I could sit at my drawing table and think clearly. I gave it everything I had because I knew it wouldn’t last long. This is an accumulation from old drawings combined into one. It made it much easier to look back at drawings I kind of liked and work from there. There’s no instructions how¬† to do things so I had to recreate everything from scratch. This took about 5 days to come up with and a lot of erasing.




The braid is the only big element I have left to add with ink. I’m really hoping I can do this without any mistakes. It might take a few days until I’m ready to attempt this. It would suck to get this far and think I could add something and completely fck it up, which I’m really good at.


new project #73

I’m trying to correct the previous attempts at this one. The orbs should be going back instead of forward. Large to small, I think. I haven’t got there yet. I wanted to try different shading. The first thing I tried was smaller Micron pins (.03 and .05) but they weren’t that much smaller than a .08 running dry. Digging through my drawers of crap I’ve bought and forgot about I found an old charcoal pencil. I’ve had this since the ’80’s, think I’ve found a use for it now. See what I can do with this new found wonder.