project #70 (aka nextnext)



coming along slowly. I have to study what will come next because it’s getting crowded and obfuscated. I’m trying not to resort to adding color for some elements to stick out.




next next

here’s what I came up with from the last post. I’m thinking black and white only (excluding the chocolate stain I already have on it) or ad color. Nothing ever turns out from it’s originally thought. This is the last post until it’s done. Probably…




this is 18″x12″ so I can’t scan it. My scanner sucks anyway.



project – finished


I really don’t like how it turned out. The circle things are all going in the same direction at the bottom corners. I could have stopped but I kept going to see what it looked like. This does have a lot going on. The colors were hard to keep oriented with all the breaks. The doodle in Y got away and I had to black out too much. The first A is when I messed up the color by going outside of the letter on the right side and I lost the grid lines at the center. I used a pencil for shading and rubbed it out. I’ve never done that before. Something I’ve put in a few of the other drawings are words (even misspelled words) in braille. The blind can’t read it, it’s flat, but I thought it would add an element of secrecy. Or something…

Makya’s only 6 or 7, I think. When she gets older, the meanings of the words will be more clear. Hopefully she’ll understand what’s going on now is out of everyone’s control.


I was asked to draw the name, MAKYA, to hang on the wall in the style I’ve morphed into. This is the black and white version. My next step is to ad color. Hope I don’t really screw it up.


What’s inside the letters will be color and the outside will stay black and white. I tried to keep it all the same theme and run off each other. I don’t know…