#103 – starting simple?

I’m finally able to sit up like a normal humanoid. I kept thinking I’d get back to a box I was working on then thought, fuck it. I haven’t done anything for a while so lets start out simple and basic. I dig out my box of stuff and start looking at what’s already been done and do it again. I start with my simple mapping out the paper and let it sit. What I do is walk away and come back. Each time adding something to it. My simple basic idea after a few days kind of got out of hand and I haven’t added my ideas yet.







#102 Sun & Moon Face

I’m still trying to do sketch’s for the next box. Seems like I have to learn how to actually draw to do what I want. What’s good about using graphite pencils is mistakes can be erased, and I’m doing a lot of that. Also, I found knead erasers. These can be molded to any size and make good high lighters. They also don’t leave eraser dookie behind. I messed with the Sun a little bit, mostly the mouth. The moon was supposed to be identical but different. The same tone was difficult to achieve, too. The Moon’s eyes are larger. I like this after seeing PannaKosciotrupina’s art work. Next, the craters need some attention. It looks like a bad skin condition. I’ll probably spend more time sketching out objects then I’ll spend doing the entire box, but I might get good at it. I like working with graphite pencils. I’ll spend some time following tutorials if there’s any that aren’t so full of themselves. Most are giving out advice on everything like how great they are and how much everyone else sucks because they’re not in thousands of dollars of debt from paying for some shit schooling they’ll never make enough to pay back.  So here’s my beginners work.

(Sorry I keep saying I or I’ll so much, I’m not a professional)


sun-moon face




#102 sun face

I’m drawing on another box. I decided to draw on a few more until I get it right because the Cigar Box Guitar parts are around $100. The box I found to practice on this time is an old sewing box. It’s a lot larger than the cigar boxes. I wanted to put a Sun Face into the drawing but I had to practice it a few times. After I got the outline drawn I kept going.

I practiced two things I’m not very good at, faces and graphite pencils. I rarely post practice material and the low light photo didn’t make it look any better.









Practicing with pencils.

Technique and experience seems to be the main thing. I’ve made a big mess from constantly smearing the graphite. What I’ve found to be great tools are blending stumps and the eraser pencil also good quality pencils. The better pencils have harder wood keeping the core from breaking and a quality sharpener helps too. I can see how buying really cheap supplies could put some people off and lose interest. But here’s my 6th pencil drawing focusing mostly on controlling and technique. Trying to be neat and not smearing everything will be the next step.