inktober practice


I’m going to do inktober this year. I needed to practice a technique so I’m not all over the place. I chose items from Inktober 2017 to practice with because I sure can’t come up with ideas on my own. These took longer than I thought they should.


#1. swift



#2. divided



#3. poison



#4. underwater



#5. long



#6. sword


OK, I think I’m ready. I’ll be posting one a day through out October. I know I make fun of and stop following the spamming over posters, but hey. I want to be a nuisance just once. I want to feel the air through my empty meaningless post of no value.

For I will be an Over Poster for 31 days !!!



#21 – couch sketch


a stipple / dotwork practice on 1/4 sheet watercolor stock



I had to wait for the sun to come in my window at just the right time of day so I could see what was going on. This is really small, even my LED lighting wasn’t enough to see.

My job search has been an adventure. I’m getting a lot of interviews but I’m also applying for positions I have no qualifications at. No one’s hiring me so I’m starting to get a more relaxed interview appearance. Shaving and showing up professional doesn’t seem to be working so I’ve gone to the laid back approach. Plus razor shaving my face hurts. Today I got a call back from a company that does glass art. It caught me off guard because I just threw my resume out there at the company. This could either be a good break on my part or just another random interview. Think I’ll take Fuzzy Doll with me as a good luck piece. The thing seems to move around on the shelf anyway.



couch sketch – #10

I’m bored out of my mind. Two more weeks and I’ll be released to go back to work, except I’ll have to find a new job. But also with a doctors release I can collect unemployment benefits which I’m sure I’ll need. No one will hire an old guy with back and knee surgery. I figure after 33 years I can find something easier to do anyway. One thing I need to do is get back into shape. I had to stop walking for 10 days because my knee wasn’t heeling and I started back up yesterday with no cane and no need for pain meds afterwards. This was kind of like a test for retirement. And after working at a retirement center I can see why they’re the way they are. With nothing to do, it takes the life out of you. It makes you crazy for mental and physical stimulation or you just sleep and waste away. For ten days I only left my house once, I only talked to someone once. That was when I picked my food up at the grocery store. Good thing it was a kid I didn’t know who brought everything out or I’d have talked forever to him.


For some reason I have this thing about pot leaves. I don’t smoke anything, I can’t inhale or I’ll choke. Even candles make me cough. Also I don’t even know where to get it. I think I can still roll a doobie and choke on the papers. I’d rather have a pipe though. A small one, nothing fancy. I could make one. Dam, I’m really bored…



couch sketch – #5


I had to put a turn signal bulb in my Durango. Why TF do they make it so hard to change them now? And this was an easy one to get to. After that I cleaned up the inside a little bit and decided to take a drive on the country roads out here. And of course as soon as I get away from civilization someone still has to ride my ass. I waved them around twice an apparently they’re new to earth, so I just keep my pace of 50mph up.

I got further out into the county I grew up in. I saw the occasional new housing development in the middle of nowhere but I also saw what I was looking for. The farms and corn fields. That was a nice drive, I might do it again soon.






I have plenty of time to think while I spend most of my time laying on my back. I’ve studied every inch of my stippled ceiling. Sometimes I’ll sit up and think I’m o.k. and start walking just to find out the human body loves to play tricks on you. But then I’m already in the hall. My options are go back, go to the bathroom, come in here or go down the steps. There’s food down there. My schedule is as follows: go to the bathroom and do “stuff” and take the sorry ass pain meds they think help, then ooze down the steps one at a time bringing food back up to this room where I think some more. By now my back and legs feels like I been ran over and thrown into a fire. I’ll eat, looking out the window and think some more. That medicine is really good at clouding up my thoughts but I want to draw something. Anything. I thought simple things but not the alphabet this time, there’s an idea, though. I sat here and cut four pages into four sections. Small and simple.





new project – #86

It was a rare few days that I could sit at my drawing table and think clearly. I gave it everything I had because I knew it wouldn’t last long. This is an accumulation from old drawings combined into one. It made it much easier to look back at drawings I kind of liked and work from there. There’s no instructions how¬† to do things so I had to recreate everything from scratch. This took about 5 days to come up with and a lot of erasing.




The braid is the only big element I have left to add with ink. I’m really hoping I can do this without any mistakes. It might take a few days until I’m ready to attempt this. It would suck to get this far and think I could add something and completely fck it up, which I’m really good at.

new stuff


I never thought I was good enough to use quality art supplies. My cheap old stuff was ok to get me by. My compass was really old and sometimes the pencil would slip around when I drew circles. I searched Amazon for a compass that could hold a sharpie marker but wasn’t going to cost me a lot. I chose one made by Maped. It was inexpensive metal and plastic but had decent reviews. I figured it would be better than what I had. But, I felt cheap because I was only ordering one small item so I looked at the markers. All the pictures I’ve seen of real artists all had nice Staedtler’s or something. Some of the one’s I saw were just too much for one marker let alone a set of five. The best seller on Amazon was a set of six Pigma Micron’s. That was my order. Less than $20 but I could have got a box of twelve ultra fine line Sharpies for less than that. I was really impressed by the compass, it has some weight to it and locks nice. The nut that holds the pen in is plastic which will probably be the first thing to go. It looks like a standard thread that can be replaced. The markers are really nice. I like that I can use them at an angle and keep the same line thickness. It feels like I have more control with these. The one thing I didn’t like and it’s the big drawback, they don’t dry fast enough. I’ve smeared the ink several times which never happened with a sharpie. For that reason I’ll probably not buy these again.

But I am doing things, just things that aren’t good enough to post yet. I’m experimenting.