I’ve ¬†been on Facebook for about a month. Right off I started noticing strange behavior. Motivational words written by someone else, paste this on your wall for one hour, political half-wit keywords on a picture of their target. One of my first posts:

“Sadness only lasts until you’ve scrolled down far enough”.

Then it starts over again. The one’s who post non-stop all day, everyday. The “like and share to show your support or you’re human waste”, these posts are easily overlooked. The one’s airing out the family’s dirty laundry for everyone to read. Who’s side do you take? If I haven’t talked to them since the 90’s I really don’t care. But I wonder why they sent me friend requests. I’ve turned down over half so far. The ones I have accepted I’ll look at their “Wall”. The first thing I see is 367 friends. Really? I’ll scroll through and see a few familiar names from the past but there’s no connection. I’ve not known them longer than I had known them. There’s really no attachment to anyone I’ve grown up with. We just happened to live in the same town.

What really stands out are the photos. Forced smiles. That’s all I see. The only sadness, the only frown, the only thing except a forced on smile are the pictures of parents humiliating their children when they were younger and thinking it’s funny now. Other than that it’s all the same smiles. They all pretend to be the greatest American, the best christian, the best at hiding reality. This is my interpretation of an American Facebook Family.


Their patriotic duty to let everyone know they’re still an American. I never see people from other countries doing this. Then the ever glowing holier than thou christian cross they proudly display as they post any scripture masked to attack others who believe differently. Then there’s the smiles. Like tied on Halloween masks from “Beggers Night 1967”.