a question

Have you ever clicked Follow on a blog and not give it another thought until you open your reader and there’s 1,000 posts from them? Then you click Unfollow and refresh your page to see the 163 other blog posts from everyone else you follow but couldn’t just find a moment ago? Or is that just me?




sketchbook #2



I think I like this paper I thought I hated at first. My pencil marks erase easy, and I erase a lot. Like I said before the ink dries faster. I tried to make an invisible frame, the first one I drew got ink and dirt on the next page. Think I’ll try to use every page, no tearing off the one’s I mess up. That should be fun considering this TITLE.

I might put these on DeviantArt, I’ve seen a lot worse on there.



paper trial – aka sketchbook #1

I got new stuff the other day. One is Strathmore’s Toned Tan Sketch Paper. There’s 50 sheets, 80 lb, 8.5″ x 5.5″. It’s small and light. One thing I did like was the ink from the Micron pens dried faster on this paper so I smeared less. The sketchpad pages aren’t perforated so this will be my first sketchbook. This is my test drawing. the paper and pens work well together.





next next

here’s what I came up with from the last post. I’m thinking black and white only (excluding the chocolate stain I already have on it) or ad color. Nothing ever turns out from it’s originally thought. This is the last post until it’s done. Probably…




this is 18″x12″ so I can’t scan it. My scanner sucks anyway.






this was going to be pitched, I tried to fix things but figured I would keep going just to see what comes out of it. There’s metallic marker, black ink and colored pencils. The only part that was originally going to have a color are the bubbles. That obviously didn’t happen. This just looks dirty and unappealing but I’ll post the mistakes along with everything else.