I’m stuck in a rut so I’ll practice what I’ve learned so far. This isn’t anything.









This was the original letter “Q”. The new paper is really thick and made for acrylics. I thought it would make blending colors easier but it was pooling into the grooves. This was put away and the Q was finished on the old paper. I turned this into a practice of blending, shading, and working on this newer thicker paper. No one’s teaching me this (insert dirty words here), I’m learning it on my own.

project – finished


I really don’t like how it turned out. The circle things are all going in the same direction at the bottom corners. I could have stopped but I kept going to see what it looked like. This does have a lot going on. The colors were hard to keep oriented with all the breaks. The doodle in Y got away and I had to black out too much. The first A is when I messed up the color by going outside of the letter on the right side and I lost the grid lines at the center. I used a pencil for shading and rubbed it out. I’ve never done that before. Something I’ve put in a few of the other drawings are words (even misspelled words) in braille. The blind can’t read it, it’s flat, but I thought it would add an element of secrecy. Or something…

Makya’s only 6 or 7, I think. When she gets older, the meanings of the words will be more clear. Hopefully she’ll understand what’s going on now is out of everyone’s control.