#101 – CBG


Everything went well. I spent seven hours today finishing the drawing. There’s a lot of mistakes and mis-measurements but no one would notice unless I pointed them out. Next I’m going to put a sealer on to keep the ink in place. I was able to get most of the pencil marks out but some left grooves in the wood grain. Hopefully the sealant will hide that.






At the bottom left of the corner. There’s my accidental Sharpie mark. Hopefully alcohol will get it off. I don’t want ti lighten the wood and make it really stand out. Now I’ll give it to my brother and let him assemble it as a Cigar Box Guitar.



#101 – progress


I have one side of the cigar box ready. Think I’m going to wrap it around to the other side of the box. One thing I’m having trouble with is the pencil guidelines. I pressed too hard and left grooves in the grain. Hopefully the acrylic sealer will help hide it.






#101 – cbg difficulties




I’m not sure what kind of wood this is made of. I’ve sanded and degreased it but I’m still getting oily spots. The Micron pens definitely won’t work on this. They smear too easy even on paper. The sharpies are drying O.K. but the tips are wearing too fast. At least they’re cheap. It took the entire day to get this far. I didn’t want to start applying the ink so soon but I was losing my pencil lines. Even pencil doesn’t stick too this wood. I have a big smudge mess going on in the center, I hope that cleans up. I’ll let it dry over night and see what happens t’mar.



#101 -a cigar box guitar


My brother makes Cigar Box Guitars. They’re pretty well made. Here’s a sample of a few






I’m going to try and do a drawing onto one of these. I tried once with a practice box and it had a difficulty factor of 8/10 because it sets up off the desk. Prepping the box helped give it the texture of paper and roughen it up to hold ink. I’m not sure if I’ll use a sharpie or a micron pen yet. I’ll finish it with an acrylic sealant to keep the ink from running.




Here’s the beginning layout. I’m going to cover the entire box, I think.