video camera mount



The video camera mount consists of a car mount system. The goose neck is mounted to my shelf so no vibration is picked up while drawing. The side / desk view is mounted to a piece of plexi-glass with a rubber boot attached at the bottom, also to cut down on vibration and to keep it from sliding.



new stuff and a story

All this year I’ve either been sick or injured. Luckily I have great Obamacare I pay for. I like to call it Obamacare just to piss off the dillweed’s. My $130 a month health/dental insurance has covered far more than what I’ve paid into it. One experimental injection I take that replaces Plavix is $1300 a month. It’s 100% covered, I pay nothing. So I didn’t mind paying $500 to have 5 non-cancerous skin tags removed. They looked freaky, I’m glad they’re gone.

BUD-AN-KNEE-WAY, I’m off work for my knee. It swelled to the size of a softball. I had to go to Urgent-Care because my doctor said he couldn’t get me in for a few weeks.IMG_20170731_102841 The anti-inflammatory and pain meds work until they wore off, so I switched doctors and she’s getting me in Thursday. I can’t walk or it swells up and now I’m bored out of my mind so I went to Amazon to find something to do. The first thing I saw were the colored pencils. Prismacolors are suppose to be the top of the line and expensive as hell. A 24 pack for $8 seemed reasonable, even crayola 24 pack is $8. That wasn’t enough, I hate to order one little thing and remembered at one time I needed a white pen to go over black. After Youtubing to find information about something I know nothing about the Sakura White Jelly Roll pens were what I needed. Three at $5 was kind of expensive though. While I was on Youtube I came across SuperRaeDizzle. She explained things so simple even I could follow along. A lot of the videos I tried to learn from were far too advanced or kind of idiotic. But Rae’s video’s showed me a few easy techniques on shadowing by using tortillons, or rolled up paper sticks. Every time I added something to my cart the Tan Tone paper showed up so I threw that in. I didn’t really look at the description, it’s only like 6.5″x5″ and isn’t perforated.


This should keep me occupied for a while. Now if I can just think up ideas, that’s the hard part.



new stuff

I’m terrible with colors, but lately Amazon has had several deals I jumped on thanks to the Facebook groups I follow. One was gel pens. A 70 piece set was $10. When I went to check out, coloring books showed up. I need to learn color palates and I’m not familiar with coloring book artists or what I should look for, so the simple ones that were cheap inexpensive are good enough for now.




The colored pencils I jumped on only because I had an $19 credit, these pencils were $25 on sale or I would never have bought them. So $6 was a good price. The only thing I know about colored pencils are hard and soft leads. Now if they sold ideas I’d be set…