drawingdesk_1rsAfter 35 years I’ve decided to try to draw again. Life has slowed down and there’s no reason to think I need to prove myself to the world any longer. Through the years my hands have been split open, sewn up, bones broken, burned, and arthritic. I have to re-learn how to hold a pencil, control and manipulate it. My mind has been diseased by modern society. Learning to relax is an ongoing transition. I’m not learning from anyone and I really don’t have a subject. My drawing table is from Craigslist. My supplies are from Walmart. I’m not a trained professional, this is just an exercise in futility.

~ Mike


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  1. Well Mike from what I see you are doing more than fine. I hope you don’t mind I had a friend look at your fractals and he ooooud and awwwed over you material as he paints fractals as well. You got a fan club. It was a pleasure visiting your blog. Be well. πŸ™‚

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  2. March 19 post, The complexity of this piece instantly gave me a mental visual of the workings of the brain of a genius. Have a great weekend Mike, and thank you for supporting my blog please visit often. E


  3. Mike, I love and admire your drawings; the b/w with their clean stark almost mathematical clarity – as well as those with vivid color. And I think,…….such wonderful drawings are not at all in the realm of exercises in futility, but of creative and delightful imaginative art. cheers, Debi

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  4. Namaste Mike,

    Much thanks for the follow. I am an abstract artist and frankly speaking, you’re an artist in your own right. There aren’t any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘professional’ about art. It is what it is and what you .. make of it. As long as you love creating, this is a very broad spectrum for you to explore.

    I enjoy your fractal artwork and never .. ever .. think that you’re not ‘good’ enough.

    Your artwork is fabulous and it doesn’t matter what kind of material you use unless you’re going to sell them professionally.

    Other than that .. just enjoy your journey as creativity heals all … in all aspects .. it heals my soul and it’s also much like a ‘crutch’ for me when I need an outlet to expand.

    Your colored fractal art pieces are very, very nice.

    As you continue in expanding your creativity, more ‘materials’ will come your way .. for you to enjoy experimenting.

    Do not keep/maintain the ‘expectation’ of how art is supposed to be … allow it flow .. and you will be wonderfully surprised with all kinds of possibilities and allow the Universe to guide you.

    Sending the brightest Rainbow Reiki Blessings your way. – Agnes Khoo Schwenk/Dawn Of Divine Rays.

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  5. Oh gosh! Never is it a futility, otherwise that bus would be really crowded, Mike! I have been away from WordPress because my job pretty exhausted me. As I am now looking forward to at least semi-retirement, I hope to have more time to make the rounds and reconnect with old blog friends.

    Sounds like you’ve been through quite the ordeal with your spine and knee. I hope that you are on the mend.


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