first mile and stuff

I couldn’t sleep last night. I tried but I was to wired up. I wanted to be active, nothing was hurting. There’s too much wildlife to go walking around here at night so my recumbent bike kept me occupied for 15 minutes. Next my drawing table had unfinished work laying around. The pain meds kept me non-creative for so long I dug out a coloring book I forgot I had. Practicing colors was something I needed to work on. Doing this for almost two and a half hours took it’s toll on my eyes so I moved to the drawing I started over a month ago, I think. After setting up the webcam (my phone) it didn’t take long until I figured out I made this too detailed to work on at 4:30 in the morning.


I didn’t sleep very good as usual. Every hour I looked at the clock and the window to see if it was time to go out. I was ready with all the built up energy. At 7:45 I was dressed and out the door. It was 75 degrees with a slight breeze. Just enough breeze to make the sweat bearable. At the park, I drive to the spot I marked at 1/2 a mile the other day. I got about 100 yards and remembered I left my cane in the car so I went back. I’m using it less and less but I didn’t want to get stranded and not make it back to the car when I’m walking. I’m off again, with no pain I’m walking pretty fast. Probably the fastest I’ve moved in four or five months. It feels good on my body, my muscles are working and I’m getting air deep in my lungs. And there it is, the back gate of the park. I barely felt anything as I touched the post and made a “cheering crowd” sound when I turned and headed back. My cane is slowly becoming useful then I see the front of my truck. Running out of steam and for some reason my thigh hurts, I head for the bumper. My door wouldn’t open fast enough for me to plant my fat ass in the seat and chug some water like I’ve just ran a marathon, but I did it. In one month, after total knee replacement, I just walked a mile.

Now my arm is going to be sore patting myself on the back.



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    Mike (not me Mike) is an amazing artist and insightful person. He writes about paranormal stuff too, which makes him even more interesting. Now recovering from a knee replacement, he’s staying positive despite some additional challenges beyond his control.

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