I was sketching out some ideas. Afterwards I decided to try and combine several of them. I referred back to a couple of old drawings and put everything together as one. Then it’s sat here for five days. I’ll stop by and stare at it daring to add or subtract, daring to start putting ink over the outlines. This got me to thinking, this is how I think about everything. Everything has to be planned and organized ahead of time. Nothing can be added or taken away without carefully thinking it out. Nothing can be thrown at me after this process and if there is, I stop. At work if there’s a meeting, which I hate, it’s rare that I attend. If I’m given too much notice I over think it and it becomes a huge problem. The thought of doing something out of my normal life flow just flips me out. Last minute changes to plans have the same affect. But anyway, this is my new project #96.






9 thoughts on “thinking

  1. I have a pretty quiet contemplative routine too. I’m learning how to distance the thought and vibe of upsetting prospects but sometimes we’re caught off guard. I’ve also come to realize that often the sh** of life is part of life. We grow from it. But I don’t run around trying to stick my head in sh**.


  2. I try never to over think, and rely on instinct… When I fail to listen to my inner gut that’s when things go wrong.. Looks like an interesting board game going on.. 🙂 One I try to avoid, but one in which I have played.
    Hope alls well with you and you are healing well now.. Its been a while since I dropped by so many people.. But your are not forgotten..
    Take care Mike. and thanks for stopping by my Sanctuary..

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