project – Z



on March 9th, 2016 I started the alphabet because I have no original ideas of my own. Finally I’m getting to the letter Z a year and a half later.

I was hoping to pick up a technique and acquire a few skills. Kind of not really sure what happened other than I go really slow now.




2 thoughts on “project – Z

  1. I saw pieces from your early alphabet series, and I can tell you that you’ve definitely “pick[ed] up a technique and acquire[d] a few skills.”
    You couldn’t create these drawings without an understanding of geometry and art(s), which you’ve clearly grasped beyond a basic level 🙂


  2. I watched a 3 minute video once of a guy from India. He used 4 drafting tools and everything he drew came from very basic lines as his guides. Almost everything I’ve done since then was from that video. I don’t like to watch other people or look at too much of their work or I feel I’m copying them.

    Also, thanks for all your comments and encouragement it helps me a lot.


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