new project that looks like the old project and the project before that and…



I’m running out of design ideas, everything’s starting to look the same but different.




16 thoughts on “new project that looks like the old project and the project before that and…

  1. Yesterday I looked thru a “Mandala” coloring book at the dollar store and their mandalas didn’t compare to yours. Sure, the book had complicated designs but they were too perfect. Obviously cranked out by some software. The fact that yours are hand-made makes them special.

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    • I’ve seen the machine made and digitally drawn type and find them both unimaginative and not all that nice to look at and I’m into visuals. Mine being handmade is where my problem is. I want to keep the original but get asked a lot to draw one for somebody which defeats the purpose of them asking. I’ve tried printing onto the stock I draw on but it’s flat. There’s a huge difference from the originals to what they look like scanned onto here in how they feel, and look. My scanner really makes them look childish. I gave away MAKYA and kind of regret that.

      Didn’t mean to blather, I didn’t get my nap today

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      • I’m on a very old iPad so can just crawl around the web. What is the signif of makya? Agree the computer generated stuff is not interesting. All measurements the same. Like music, what makes it engaging is the imperfection. Musicians have software that tries to “humanize” edm beats so they are not perfect. But you can still tell the diff between a great player (with swing) and a digital simulation.

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        • MAKYA is a 7 year old girl who’s parents are hooked on heroin or meth or what ever it is. She was adopted by her grandmother who was my supervisor at work. She is one of the few kids I give any attention to only because you have to, she’s a ray of innocent sunshine.


      • You are still the one who comes up with the composition of each piece. I remember thinking ANYONE could paint in abstract…until I tried it myself…and could not. Balancing shapes, their positions of the canvas or paper, takes a skilled eye when you are not dealing with realism. In realism it’s easy because your subject is the matter you are painting or drawing. In abstract art…the shapes, colors, and placement become the subject…and that’s harder than it looks.


        • I use to do abstract a long time ago. I called it strategically placed colors, and it wasn’t easy. Sometimes I would have 5 or 6 layers of painting on one canvass until it was what I wanted. But more layers meant more textures and high lights. I use to do some really cool work back in my pre-abnormal days.

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  2. You can try different objects to create different styles. Use oval shape or any other irregular shapes – cloud, leaves, flowers (many designs – 4, 5 or 6 or many petals) Just use the outline and you can create many, many more possibilities ..

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      • Art is art … everyone sees art differently … art is a repeat of nature and everything else that’s beautiful. There’s no such thing as ‘stealing’ because in the world of art .. every artists can paint the same scenery but with different ‘feelings’, expressions and perception. It’s the same with fractals, abstracts etc. round shape is round shape .. everyone is using the round shape for everything .. making plates, pots, pans .. all to make a living. ‘Stealing’ is the energy of ‘ego’ which is also ‘guilt’. Release it. No one is ‘stealing’ the round shape .. or the oval shape .. or the leave shape. Everything is for Everyone and no one artist can replicate the same abstract art from another artist. Allow your creativity to go free .. your spirit guides will help you find your way. Namaskar

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    • My entire life is a break. I was looking at your photos a while ago and getting ideas and how to add color. Think I might have to study your blog a little more in detail. 🙂


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