Tonight I’ll go?


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    • I went to only one disco in the 70’s and my first thought was “how freakin’ gay, but look at all those hot chic’s”. I was grunge before it was popular. I still am, I’m a grungy old shit.

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      • Oh yeah, I was joking. Disco in the 70s was scorned by many here. I liked some of the tunes but also was a folkie, rocker and pop lover, so had a mixed attitude to it.

        Cinnamon Girl vs Bad Girls!

        When I went to India I found that they did a kinda remake of Donna Summer/Michael Jackson with a very popular tune, Bad Girl.


        • When I hear Disco music now it actually sounds good compared to the crap they put out now in America. I usually go over seas to find good music anymore. I was a closet fan of a few artists like Rufus/Chaka Chan (who I still think is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen besides Pan Xue-yan) and others I can’t/won’t mention

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