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    • It was suppose to be bubbles that turned out to look like bad skin. I was going for weaves which is obvious on the bottom right but the left side I tried to make the diamonds go under the squares which made it so dark and confusing that even I messed it up in a few places. So I added color which again reminded me why I quit using color because I don’t know how. I tried to do a lot of different things in this and I shouldn’t drink coffee in the evening and leave comments because I’ll go on and on like I’m doing now… 🙂

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    • I never know what these will look like until I’m done. Like I commented before, it looks like bad skin when it was supposed to be bubbles. But when I started doing the alphabet it was to relearn a skill and maybe aquire my own unique technique or style. Then there’s chosing to do mandalas which I thought was feminine so I hardend it up, or ugly it up, to make it not so gender biased. One of these days I’ll get it.

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      • I think you’ve got it already. What I was really saying is that I think you are a probably sensitive person, maybe even a kind of artistic “channeler” in that what you do seems to connect with your audience on deep levels. Just a thought. Not so far out, considering you are doing mandalas!

        In music, for instance, consider David Bowie. Some of his songs are down and dirty but that’s because that is what he was trying to represent. A real genius artist, imo, doesn’t just strive for artificial forms of beauty but for what really is out there. Unless, maybe, they’re doing purely religious art, like icons of the holy family or something… but even religious art has lots of room for evil.

        I agree with House of Heart. You’ve got a lot of talent. 🙂

        p.s. msea4ever is same guy as earthpages. I’m just on an old computer and too lazy to sign out and back in again.

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