13 thoughts on “#65

    • I don’t like this one. The arrows on the outside ruined it and I didn’t know how to finish. When I stopped it was too dark to see everything so I added the redish orange that turned red when I scanned it.

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  1. lol… in high school we had one of those universal weight machines… i think because combo my relatively short height 5’8″ and thick legs… i could push the whole thing… found it easier on the “heavier” pedals than the “lighter” pedals.. none of the kids could believe it when I could push the whole sucker… but I did… 🙂

    My Dad, God Bless his soul, was color blind so this mandala also reminds me of him a bit. I think it’s a good design. Just that color combo is used in Canada too much. I prefer to get some blue in there with the red and white…


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