I missed a row of shading and kept going. I made the first arrow point in the wrong direction and kept going. My pen ran out, the new one’s tip wasn’t worn making it a larger line and I kept going. I replaced my desk lighting with an LED bulb. Now I can see and now I have to start this one over. Doesn’t look like much but that’s 4 days of drawing.





13 thoughts on “mistakes

  1. There aren’t any ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when creating art … If your intuition is ‘drawing’ you another way .. go with your heart. It is what it is. Pls don’t throw it away .. because .. it’s still beautiful .. go ahead and continue .. drawing .. what you ‘think’ is ‘wrong’ .. and see where it leads you. If you don’t feel like continuing .. put it aside .. and go back to it another day . .. another time .. you’ll never know .. how it will turn out. It’s much like my own art or crafts .. I’ll never know what I’ll end up with .. until I am done. So .. keep on creating .. nothing is a ‘waste’ .. always something to look at and ponder .. during different point of your journey. Namaste

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      • Each so-called ‘mistakes’ (for lack of better word) is unique unto itself that makes a whole picture with different ‘characters’ in different places and different moment of time and space ..much like a Soul in a physical human being form – we all make all kinds of ‘mistakes’ so that we can learn our soul lessons .. which will transform each Soul into a unique and true form (that means not ‘forced’ by the mind but by the spirit) and that’s how unique and different each of us are .. and can be .. so .. both art pieces (with ‘mistakes’ made) are unique and different although through the observant eyes of an ‘outsider’ .. both are still lovely art pieces. Namaste

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