my pile

In the last week or so I’ve had several conversations about what we do with our art piles, one here the other here. Some get thrown away as seen here and here. I don’t think much of my drawings, they’re only to practice or learn from. I just throw everything I’ve ever done so far in two Amazon boxes I keep in a plastic crate on my shelf. I can’t even remember ever looking back at them for reference. Now that I’m thinking about it, I never did finish the alphabet I started on. But here’s my pile, at least it’s neatly stacked and possibly in the same order as completed.


The picture is at a bad angle, it’s really deeper than it looks. It’s about 10″ deep in the boxes.


10 thoughts on “my pile

  1. Your artwork is a true craft Mike! My paintings are “everywhere” too. If I like something I might put it up, most things just tossed in a bin. Have a great day Mike.

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  2. Keep the old art pieces, Mike. They are all lovely pieces. I know how it’s like when we are ‘never’ satisfied with our own art but enjoy viewing the artwork of fellow artists.

    Go back and visit them once in a long while .. you will be amazed as you will get to see .. how you’ve evolved.

    Sometimes .. it’s a box of ‘reminders’ that we all can always do better as time passes. Never give up .. look at beautiful landscapes and art online .. you will have ‘new’ ideas whenever you take a break. Happy Thursday. Namaste

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