I’m still learning to draw new things. Nothing I’d post yet. To break up the boredom of no ideas and accomplishing nothing I tried origami. The first thing I saw was an origami crane, described as “the origami crane is the most well known of all the origami models”. So I tried it. Several times. And several more times. I’m not stupid, really I’m not. Then I had an epiphany. Is this how she got her name?





20 thoughts on “origami

  1. Forget the origami and pls fix up your links from your gravatar page! I know it’s a hassle but every time I wanna visit your stuff I gotta search “Mike elemental… whatever” on google… šŸ™‚


  2. It takes a while. YouTube has tutorials with slight variations. There’s bound to be a demonstration that works for you. Yes, this was actually part of how I got my blog name. Originally, my blog was called “Is This Cake?” But yeah, video tutorials are the best. And when I started posting more blogs, I was actually making a wedding centerpiece that featured paper cranes and folding them perfectly is HARD.


  3. At least you kept trying. The first time I tried (when I watched the tv show Prison Break) and it didn’t work out, I gave it up. Like, 10 years ago.
    Recently, I tried it again and got it on the first try. Guess I needed that break of 10 years lol.

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