#56 – playing with bugs


Just seeing what would come out of it. It started as practice to draw a dragonfly then I kept adding. Broke out the colored pencils this time.



8 thoughts on “#56 – playing with bugs

  1. Cosmic! I had a dream some years ago that dragonfly drones were all over the sky and would zap people if they stepped out of line. Futuristic. This reminds me of that. But this one doesn’t look quite so evil or authoritarian.


    • I read tech and science. Drones the size of dragonflies were being developed. I’ve seen a few really small quad-copters and I know the nanotechnology is there for micro cams and mini microphones. Then add to it a solar panel type powering device for something that last longer than the average 10 minute flight. I know its being made if I can think it up.

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