2 thoughts on “#53

  1. Visualizing it with texture, i like it.

    Btw, Mike, you’ve got a lot of talent and you could probably sell those works, if you ever wanted to.

    I think we’re alike in some ways. I made do with a $50 Plustek scanner for years. Everything came out greeny blue and I did my best to fix up the washy color and slightly fuzzy lines. I finally decided that it was time to get a better scanner. I really like my Canoscan. It came bundled with PS Elements, so wasn’t that bad a deal. Also does slides.

    Just thought I’d mention. As the old saying goes, sometimes you gotta spend cash to make cash. Not that I’m making anything from my web activities! And maybe you’re not interested in marketing your stuff. But I think you could.

    Hopefully I haven’t totally pi**ed you off 🙂


    • My brother says I could sell these but I don’t think they’re good enough compared to the one’s I look at for ideas. I did one for a lady but didn’t ask for any money. As for the scanner, this is a $19 (on sale from walmart) Canon. The scanning screen is 1/4″ to small for the paper I draw on and it takes several tries to get it centered and I still have to crop a side off. Seeing how I’ve gotten into this more than I expected watching the sales now might be a good idea. I’ve already spent money on good pens and drafting tools.


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