video project – 1

I thought these were posted before, I’ll do it again. I tried animation a few years ago and this is what came out. I did this with Paint.NET, morphing software I’ve forgotten the name of and Windows Movie Maker. Each Movement was a picture put together in order into a movie. There might be 700 pictures in RIRI and 500 in Kyoumoto.





the volume is louder on this one.




4 thoughts on “video project – 1

    • it took about a week to do one. the hard part was losing track of numbers when i would save an image. It wouldn’t be “click, save, click, save…” it was “click, save as? (right click) (remove .jpg) (remember the last number) click, save” – “this already exists would you like to replace it?” – scroll down, highlight, cut, type in right number, save as 3.jpeg!!!


  1. These are fab but 2x even 4x speed might be nice for impatient saps like me! Have you tried any of the timelapse apps? There are at least two good ones you might want to fiddle with. But then again, I guess your method here is different. 🙂


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