BEWARE: Deviantart encourages malware

I’ve deleted all my uploads to deviantart. Apparently they want money when you click on ads that are infected with malware. If you don’t use an adblocker you are part of the problem. Learn to use a computer and learn internet safety. If you say you have nothing to hide, please get your dumb ass off the internet. It will be a safer place for everyone without you.


My last upload to deviantart.


2 thoughts on “BEWARE: Deviantart encourages malware

    • I never had trouble with the uploads, I’ve had more problems on wordpress. I did shut off my adblocker and left ublock origin on. Over half of the ad domains I clicked on were blocked by ublock mostly as redirects or untrustworthy. Even with adblock off, the huge orange prompt covering half the page still comes up.


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