computer project

I’ve been working on building a new computer the last few months. I never pay full price or shipping so this took a while. After getting all my components, the wiring was the difficult part. I don’t like wires everywhere. This had to be neat and clean even though no one but me (and now you) would ever see it. Custom wiring and anal retentive placement of these wires meant countless hours of installing and removing everything and reinstalling it. This is how it turned out. I decided to go all black on this one.


A brief rundown of what I’ve built:

AMD 8 Core Processor o/c @ 4.4ghz

16gbs DDR3 Ram @1333mhz

Corsair 550 Watt Full modular Power Supply

XFX – AMD Radeon R7 360 Series Graphics Card

230gb SSD – Windows 10 Pro 64bt

1tb Toshiba Hard Drive – Back-up

3tb Western-Digital Hard Drive – Movies / Music / Media

Asus Blu-Ray Burner

Cooler Master Water Cool CPU Heatsink

D-Link Wireless Card

I’ll get pictures of my case after I clean it up. Just look at it and you’ll get finger prints on it. Just thought I’d share this with you, the artistic look of the mechanics and wiring.


7 thoughts on “computer project

    • I googled how to set it up. It was kind of trial and error until became unstable and wouldn’t boot. I’m not a gamer so I put it all back to stock speeds which is more than enough for anything. These are fairly simple to build, just match the cpu socket to the motherboard. You also have to check the motherboard’s manufacturer site for memory compatibility. Then hang out in tech forums and ask a lot of questions. It’s also good to check the reviews on the parts you want. I could go on and on but…

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      • Thanks Mike… I might delve into it some day. Recently I doubled the RAM on an old computer. Lifted a card from one and popped it into another. I felt lucky that it worked fine!

        The problem as I see it is buying stuff and then finding out I got the wrong thing!

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