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  1. I really like this one. Beautiful. Great balance. I used to use a cheap Plustek scanner which made life so much harder. Then one day I decided I deserved a better one. Got a CanoScan that came bundled with Photoshop Elements. It even does old slides from my childhood. Mine was a slightly older model, I guess, so not too much cashola. Highly recommend it if you ever upgrade. Although your scanner/fix looks pretty good to me. 🙂


    • my scanner is a cheap canon all-in-one I get from walmart for $19. when I run out of ink I get a new one. It’s $30 cheaper. I fix everything with Paint.net, Corel Painter is too huge to figure out the simple things.

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      • Oh, I think you get deals in the US that we only dream about. Mind you, a conscientious shopper can do fairly well up here. I like to buy all my small stuff (cables, etc.) off amazon now. Imported from Asia. Less of a rip off… Before the internet we paid thru the nose. And were hardly aware of it.


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