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    • I didn’t have a subject so I chose the alphabet. This is a small case letter “e”. At least I’ll have 26 times to practice a technique I can call mine. The first few of these I did were just lines filled in with patterns. The black areas are usually ideas I didn’t like so they were colored over. I try to do layers and bring the main subject to the front but not make it obvious. I use a mechanical drawing stencil I found, a 16″ clear ruler, a 1/4″ wide piece of brass that makes the main lines, 2 different size compass’s, an extra fine tip sharpie and fine point sharpie. I just bought a 24 pack of colored sharpie’s but haven’t used them yet.
      When I do this my thoughts go back to when I was younger and the town I grew up in. I think about being picked on and all mean things said to me and about me. I think that’s why I use to draw a lot back then to escape this shitty little town and all the shitty people I grew up with. Sometimes I’ll hear of someone that died that use to pick on me and deep inside me I feel vindicated. I don’t feel bad or have any remorse about that. I’ve never kept in contact with anyone I’ve ever grown up with. Also, I was heavy into the band Rush. They were another escape. I use to take my brothers Rush albums and play them until I wore grooves all the way through. I had gone to several Rush concerts and had all their albums up to Hemispheres. I knew and still know every word and instrument parts. I’ll play these albums exclusively while I’m drawing now. The drawing is complete when I think it’s done or I completely mess it up and start over again. There isn’t an idea when I start, they just turn out like they do.
      So tell me, what do you see?

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