1st day back

This was my first day back to work in almost a month. One thing I’ve learned; never tell anyone you haven’t been sick in a long time. You WILL catch something! I haven’t even picked up a pencil the entire time. There was just nothing in me that wanted to be creative. After everyone extended their courtesy greetings welcoming me back they all disappeared. I cleaned up a little and after that there wasn’t anything to do. Out of boredom I put my coat on and headed outside for a walk. I haven’t been out in several weeks and cold sunny day was perfect. There was an opening in the bushes I could see through to a clearing in the woods. A few steps in I walked right into a thorn bush, breaking off the entire limb saving me from further injected pain on my shoulder. In the clearing I spotted a strange array of sites and luckily I had my phone to take some photo’s with.


The first thing I find is this tree. The poor beavers worked so hard to chew this tree down only to have it fall the wrong direction, wedging itself between several other trees.









Next was this ceramic doll’s head laying on
top of a leaf pile.










Then there was this hoe being held up by a
bush. The handle was weathered as was the steel blade.








After hiking down the creek a ways It was time to head back to work. It felt great to be out again. The walk got my blood flowing and my breathing heavy. This was the best feeling after laying in bed for several weeks. The next picture is the creek. I’m going to have to bring my pole sometime and see whats in here. It’s a big slow bend, there’s got to be something in there.


Heading back I followed the stream. This is man-made to protect the water run off from the storm drains. Before it even gets here it’s filtered through a retention pond. The EPA is out here a lot testing the water quality. The tranquil sound of the running water through the rocks was enough to calm and reawaken my tensed and weakened soul.



Final note: WordPress is getting worse and worse. Editing this simple post took 10 attempts and it still wouldn’t layout correctly. If anyone knows of a better blogging platform I’d be interested in hearing about. More than likely I’m going to stop posting on here.

new stuff

I’m terrible with colors, but lately Amazon has had several deals I jumped on thanks to the Facebook groups I follow. One was gel pens. A 70 piece set was $10. When I went to check out, coloring books showed up. I need to learn color palates and I’m not familiar with coloring book artists or what I should look for, so the simple ones that were cheap inexpensive are good enough for now.




The colored pencils I jumped on only because I had an $19 credit, these pencils were $25 on sale or I would never have bought them. So $6 was a good price. The only thing I know about colored pencils are hard and soft leads. Now if they sold ideas I’d be set…






I missed a row of shading and kept going. I made the first arrow point in the wrong direction and kept going. My pen ran out, the new one’s tip wasn’t worn making it a larger line and I kept going. I replaced my desk lighting with an LED bulb. Now I can see and now I have to start this one over. Doesn’t look like much but that’s 4 days of drawing.




my pile

In the last week or so I’ve had several conversations about what we do with our art piles, one here the other here. Some get thrown away as seen here and here. I don’t think much of my drawings, they’re only to practice or learn from. I just throw everything I’ve ever done so far in two Amazon boxes I keep in a plastic crate on my shelf. I can’t even remember ever looking back at them for reference. Now that I’m thinking about it, I never did finish the alphabet I started on. But here’s my pile, at least it’s neatly stacked and possibly in the same order as completed.


The picture is at a bad angle, it’s really deeper than it looks. It’s about 10″ deep in the boxes.